Nourishing the bodies, minds and spirits of Ottawa's Aboriginal children.

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Makonsag Aboriginal Head Start offers a culturally-enriched learning environment for Aboriginal preschool children. Our teachers offer children love, acceptance and understanding while fostering the growth and development of each individual child.

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Makonsag Aboriginal Head Start is looking for YOUR input!

In response to the need for Indigenous child care expressed by our community members and families, Makonsag has developed the following survey to help guide the planning for new child care spaces for Indigenous children in Ottawa.

To complete the survey, please visit:

Makonsag, a licensed child care centre, provides culturally relevant programming based on Aboriginal Head Start guiding principles, with our current program offered in Vanier. Your responses will assist the vision and future planning of additional newly created child care space for Indigenous children, by providing us with an understanding your child care needs. We would like to know what type of program (age of children), number of hours, structure and what area of Ottawa would best suit your child care needs.