Aboriginal Head Start

Makonsag Aboriginal Head Start has delivered quality early childhood education to Ottawa’s Aboriginal community for 15 years. Makonsag’s fully licensed program offers a unique integration of early childhood education with traditional Aboriginal culture and practices. The program enhances pride in ancestry while preparing Aboriginal children for success in Canada’s diverse culture.

Makonsag Aboriginal Head Start operates from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am-3:00 pm.

About Aboriginal Head Start

The Public Health Agency of Canada launched the national Aboriginal Head Start Urban and Northern Initiative in 1995. Ottawa’s Aboriginal Head Start program (eventually renamed Makonsag Aboriginal Head Start) opened its doors in September 1997 and is one of over 140 Urban and Northern Aboriginal Head Start programs in Canada.

The Six Components of Aboriginal Head Start

Aboriginal Head Start is based on a holistic approach to education which emphasizes the needs of the child within family, school and community through Six Components:

Education: To prepare Aboriginal children for entry into the mainstream school system.

Culture/Language: To promote the retention of Aboriginal cultures and languages that suit all our preschoolers and their families.

Parent/Caregivers Involvement: To include parents/caregivers in all aspect of the, including planning, development, implementation and evaluation.

Social Support: To provide advice, support and information to parents/caregivers.

Health Promotion: To provide and model healthy lifestyle choices for Aboriginal parents/caregivers and children.

Nutrition: To encourage healthy eating habits using a variety of nutritional foods including traditional foods.

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