Board Members

  • Karen Green, President
  • Jennifer David, Vice President
  • Tina Slauenwhite, Treasurer
  • Ginny Gonneau, Director
  • Renee St. Germain, Director

Governance and Membership

Governance: Makonsag is governed by a Board of Directors under the authority of the Canada Non-Profit Corporations Act. The Board is comprised of Makonsag members. Only members of Makonsag are entitled to hold office, to sit on the Board of Directors, and to vote at any meeting of the Corporation. Application for membership can be found here Membership Application Form 2015.

Membership: Makonsag members have to meet all of the following criteria:

    1. Ordinarily reside in the geographical area serviced by Makonsag;
    2. Be of Aboriginal heritage or descent or with a child in the Program;
    3. Pay the minimal annual membership dues, as determined by the Board.
    4. Complete a membership register application; and
    5. Adhere to Makonsag’s Mission Statement.


Our By-Laws

Please click the link below to read and review our current by-laws

MAHS By-Laws October 2015.