Cultural Curriculum

Cultural Curriculum

Makonsag’s Aboriginal curriculum is developed around seasonal themes which are animated with cultural stories, books, and legends. These stories will be the basis of our child-guided curriculum, and through our Literacy Program, will help inform our families and community members on ways to support our program.    We are inviting those that can add to the cultural integrity of our program to come and share with us their teachings and knowledge. We hope that this year will be full of community, family, and parental involvement.


September is the beginning of the school year when we discover who we are. Days are filled with learning our names, nations and clans. We will learn about being at Head Start and staying safe as we settle into our new routine.


Fall will focus on the Harvest, Hunting, traditional foods, and living off the land.  How did our ancestors get their food, and how do we get our food today?  How do we respect nature and animals, and why do we hunt?   We will also be talking about forms of transportation, including both traditional forms of travel, like the canoe, and modern forms, like air travel.

Field Trips and Guests
  • Papa Fern to talk about hunting, trapping, and how to live off the land
  • A walk to the river, to see the geese leaving for the winter
  • Field trip to a farm
  • A visit from an Aboriginal Veteran for Remembrance day
  • A field trip to the War Museum
  • Celebrate Louis Riel Day with a traditional Metis Jigger
  •  A train ride on the O-Train, a trip the kids will be talking about all year!
Books, stories and legends
  • Giving Thanks
  • Metis Alphabet
  • High Flying Dreams
  • The Canoe
  • Morning on the Lake
  • On Our Way
  • 3 Sisters Soup
  • Goose Legend
  • Storm Boy
  • Courage (Rabbit and Bear Paws)
  • Philip Goes Deer Hunting
  • Eat, Run, Be Healthy
  • Corn is Maize
  • Why the Moose Has Antlers
  • Truth (Rabbit and Bear Paws)
  • Honesty (Rabbit and Bear Paws)
  • Why Bear Hibernates



Winter is the time to cozy up with a good story when it’s cold out, and go out adventuring when the snow just looks too fun to resist.  It is also the time to think about the passing of time, and how to respect the life cycle and what it means for us. Winter is also the time to get ready for the Pow-Wow season!

Field Trips and Guests

  • We will be doing our annual Christmas Concert and Winter Feast in December.
  • Weather permitting and with enough snow, we will begin constructing an Igloo when we get back in January!
  • A trip to the Museum of Civilization, to see our past, and discover the differences and similarities of world cultures
  • A visit to the Ottawa Inuit Childcare Centre (OICC), to learn about Inuit culture, language, and traditions!
  • With enough snow, we will go tobogganing this month at Laroche Park!  Parents are welcome to join us!
  • February is Diversity Month!  We will travel across the world, through the power of imagination, books, and visitors.
  • We will be having guest dancers this month!

Books, stories and legends

  • Shingebiss
  • How the Old Woman sang to a Tipi
  • Living in an Igloo
  • How Rabbit Got his White Coat
  • The Blue Roses
  • Skysisters
  • Tracks in the Wild
  • Pow-Wow
  • Love (Rabbit and Bear Paws)
  • Jingle Dress
  • Fancy Dance



Spring it is the time for renewal, berry picking, dancing, and smelling the flowers.  We will be going on field trips this season to reflect this time of growth.  We will be asking many questions;Where do we get maple syrup; where do we get our meat?   

Field Trips and Guests

  • A trip to the sugar bush to see how maple syrup is mad, and maybe sample some of the finished product!
  • Dancers will come to join us in March, to show us traditional forms of dance.
  • We will be taking a trip to the farm where we get our traditional game meat for our feasts and special events!
  • We will be going to the Arboretum in May, to see the new animals, the new flowers, and maybe some tulips!
  • Our annual Mother’s Day Tea will be in May, and with it, our celebration of Mothers and all they do for us.
  • A traditional dancer will join us in May, helping us get excited for the coming Pow-Wow Trail!
  • We will be taking a trip to Victoria Island, to visit the dancers there, and learn about traditional lodgings, like teepees, wigwams, and long houses.
  • Beginning May 24th, weather permitting, we will begin to go to the Laroche Park and Splash pad almost every Friday until the end school.  We will be enjoying some fun in the sun, and getting wet at the splash pad, so don’t forget to pack a towel and change of clothes.  Summer is almost here!

Books, stories and legends

  • At Grandpa’s Sugar Bush
  • Humility (Rabbit and Bear Paws)
  • Maple Moon
  • The Spring Celebration
  • How Bear Lost his Tail
  • Nanabush Dances
  • Salmon Forest
  • The Message of Spring
  • How Chipmunk got his Stripes
  • Turtles Race Beaver
  • Changes
  • Where did you get your Moccasins?
  • The Drum Calls Softly
  • Red Bird
  • Legend of the Bluebonnet
  • Legend of the Indian Paintbrush
  • Rain Makers
  • Little Bears Vision Quest
  • Mwakwa Talks to the Loon
  • Baby Bear, Baby Bear
  • In the Garden



The summer is the time for Pow-Wow, fun in the sun, and getting ready to say “Mijoshin” to our friends for the summer.  Makonsag’s last month of the school year will be filled with fun outdoor activities, learning about the coming Pow-Wow Trail, summer safety tips, and getting ready for Graduation and the Summer Feast!  [spoiler title=”Read more…”]

Activities and books

  • Eagle Feather, An Honour
  • A visit from an elder, to talk about respect and honour.